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     If you are looking for a template for boxes, cards, wrapping packaging,
tags or just for something fun, look no further.

Below are my very favourite templates
Some are orginial, but most are collected from all over the Web.

Check them out, they are great for inspiration, and to save you money on buying
box templates for gifts!!

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Card Templates:(most files are .jpg or .gif)
Apron Template Baby Dress Card Butterfly Card Camera Card
Daisy Octagon Card Diaper Shirt Card Dress Card Explosion Box Card
Explosion Card Explosion Card How To Heart Fan Card Template
Muskoka Chair Pattern
Flip Flop Card Flip Card/Swing Card Flower Fold Card Flower Pot Card
Girls Onsie Template Hat Card and tag Hat Card Template Heart Card
Kimono Card Template Mug Card Template Onesie Card Template Pocket Card Template
Neverending Card style 1 Neverending Card Instructions Neverending Card style 2 Bell Bottom Pants template
Pop Up Card - Boo Pop Up Card - Cat Pop Up Card - Ghost Pop Up Card - Pumpkin
Push Pull Card Quick Cards template Red Barn Template Reverse Fold Card
Shaker Box Template Shoe Card Slot Tuck Pattern Square Petal Card
Vested Shirt Card T Shirt Card T Shirt Card 2 Tea Cup Card
Christmas Cracker shaped card Tri Fold Card Tag Gate Card Twist Card
Bathtub Card Waterfall Card template Waterfall Card Sample
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These are links to some of the best template sites on the net.
If you didn't find what you were looking for here, then check these out...

      Mel Stampz - Template page - Gives Paperscrapz a run for its money :)

      Jersgirls Templates - One of the best out there for a variety of interesting projects.

      Envelope & Letter Folding - Dozens of Paper Fold Instructions.

      Folded Star Template - Interesting and Unique!!

      Jane’s Box Card template - Very cool little box that is also a card!!

      Mirkwood Designs - Lots of box templates.

      Paper and More - More box templates.

      Stampington's Template Gallery - Templates for cards and boxes that are difficult to find anywhere else.

      Stampers Mall Template Index


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